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How do I tie the line to to
the reel spool (arbor)?

This answer applies to all fishing reels, spinning,
boat, game fishing and fly-fishing.

Two things are very important about tying the line to the reel spool.

First, the line around the spool must be tight enough to stop the line slipping around the spool when there is little line left on the spool. If the line starts to slip around the spool you will not be able to recover line.

Secondly, the knot must not slip. If the knot slips - the line around the spool of the reel will slip, and you end up with the same problem as above.

If the spool has a arbor lug (it looks like a little steel mushroom) tie the line off to that using the Uni-knot and pull down very tightly.

If the lug has no cap like a mushroom, tie the line to the spool alongside the lug, pull the knot down tightly, with the knot hard up against the lug. When you start to wind the line on, cross the first turn of line around behind the lug.

If there is no arbor lug, use the Uni-knot, and pull it down tight.

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Article written by Tony Bishop