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Bonding with Fish: 10 Reasons Why Fishing Benefits Your Kids

The best part about fishing is it does not have any gender, cultural, and economic restrictions. Anyone can fish, by the shore, in a boat, using their preferred tackle. There may be laws to follow, and children may need a licence, but it is often free.

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When you take your kid out on a fishing trip, you provide them with new experiences and a relaxing way of using their time. You want to fill up their day with activities and adventure. But more than just a good reason to take kids out, did you know that fishing has several benefits to children? Below are 10 good reasons to take a kid fishing.

1. Nature Appreciation

Today, kids rarely get, or make, time to enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air that comes with it. Between school and assignments, their day is usually fully occupied. Getting them out of the house to fish will help them appreciate nature and understand it. They also end up learning the importance of nature preservation, and of course, the fish they catch. Finally, they can have actual fun that doesn’t involve gadgets and live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

2. More Meaningful Family Bonds

Fishing is fun and enjoyable. Once kids get the hang of it and understand what this activity is all about, they will want to do it more often than you think. Once in two weeks quickly turns into once a week, and eventually a whole weekend. They also get to spend more time with you and enjoy your company. Soon, you can start sharing your experiences, making your moments more meaningful than ever.

3. Improves Coordination

When fishing, you need to have good balance and coordination. You must learn how to coordinate your hands when reeling in a catch. Your eye and hand coordination should also be excellent, for a successful catch. If on a boat, good balance is key. You need to be stable and alert at all times. Your kid will gain a lot physically when it comes to fishing.

4. Good morals and ethics

As mentioned earlier, your kids get to bond with you while fishing - giving you the opportunity to talk to your children and ask them about the recent happenings in their lives. At this stage, you should use the time to teach them about morals and life lessons. Help other fishers and let them truly learn from your example. Explain to them the importance of not littering. According to Kid Casters, there are so many ways to teach your kids good morals and ethics, while fishing.

5. Builds Confidence

Fishing leads to a stronger self-concept and greater independence. Once your kid sees that they can catch a fish, their confidence lifts, and in turn, may translate to increased self-esteem. They will take this confidence to classwork, sports, and friendship development.

6. Gets to Learn Perseverance and Patience

A fish doesn’t just bite on a hook immediately. You must wait until you finally get the fish. You need to be patient and as quiet as possible. Your kid must learn to persevere for minutes, even hours, waiting for the bite. They need to keep on trying and trying, never giving up. Once they get the fish, they learn that success comes after a struggle.

7. Focus

Currently, the attention span of kids is too short. A lot of things can easily distract kids. They don’t necessarily focus well on a single task. When you take them out fishing, it requires long stretches of quiet concentration, allowing them to develop concentration on a task. Leave all electronics and any toys, which may distract their attention, at home.

8. Encourages Healthy Lifestyle

You probably know that fishing acts as a great stress reliever. It is also a wonderful way to exercise while having fun and relaxing. You can teach your kid to prepare your catch for dinner. Your kid will enjoy eating their catch, and as you know, fish is a very healthy meal.

9. Teaches Independence

Teaching your child how to fish will increase their confidence. It will help them gain independence as well. Soon they may be able to fish without strict supervision. After a while, they may be able to go fishing themselves. Your kid becoming independent is great news - they are becoming their own person.

10. Increases Motor Planning

When fishing, you must decide and plan a lot of things - which bait to use, when to reel in, how to cast, look for the best spot for fishing, and so much more. They also need to plan all their body movements to make sure that they don’t lose their catch. Before leaving home, they will have planned what to carry and what they need to do.

(Ed. "Motor Planning" is the ability to conceive, plan, and carry out a skilled, non-habitual motor act in the Motor Planningcorrect sequence from beginning to end. The ability to motor plan is a learned ability which is generalized to all unfamiliar tasks so a child does not need to consciously figure out each new task he or she faces. Motor Planning is a key skill in the development of a child.)

Guest Article: written by Mollie Jose who has lived and fished near the sea. She currently owns CostFreak, a website that provides up-to-date prices of products and services. She is also a freelance writer and English tutor.

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