2 new fishy quotes – something old, something new

Something old, well pretty ancient really;

Way back in quote number 306 I published a fragment of a quote in olde English invariably but inaccurately attributed to Dame Juliana Berners.

Here is the full  quote in more modern English:

"… You must not fish for covetousness or to save money, but principally for your solace and to promote the health of your body and specially of your soul. For when you go fishing you will not want others with you as they will distract you. And then you may serve God with devotion in effectively saying your customary prayers."
– Anon – "A Treatyse of Fysshynge With An Angle" – 1496

-  The early fragment (1420) was edited by Thomas Satchell (quote number 306). The later full text (often misattributed to Dame Juliana Berners) was issued by Wynken de Worde in 1496. (quote number 1007)

So there ya go – glad we cleared that little matter up.

And now for something completely different from the sharp pen of Tom Chandler over on the Trout Underground site. (Quote number 1006)

“Trout aren’t stupid. They might be brainless and lack creativity (a lot like the creators of Gilligan’s Island), but they’re survivors. And they didn’t get that way by offering themselves up as a meal for every predator that wanders by. Which, if you stop to watch most fly fishers on the water, begs the obvious question; Why don’t more fly fishers act like predators?” 

Why not indeed?

Posted by Tony Bishop