More Fishing Quotes, and a wee bit of C and R

Been a bit quiet since I found out that Bladder Cancer had got its hook into me. So, the medics and I have spent quite a bit of time trying to persuade it to take up Catch and Release. Right now, things appear to be at a stalemate, so I thought a few more fishy quotes would be in order.

“If you had to choose between marriage and fishing – would you pick freshwater or saltwater” #1276

“I don’t go fishing to escape my life; I go fishing to live my life.”  #1277

“Fishing is like that. It keeps you off balance, surprises you. It takes humility to learn, to accept that you may need a lesson or two even in your advanced stage of enlightenment.”  #1278

“I go fishing, because without it, I’m basically a 2-year-old whose blankie is in the washer.” #1279

“Brown trout, speckled cunning, a fox with fins” #1280

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Posted by Tony Bishop