5 more fishing quotes and sayings – Nov 1, 2009

Five more fishing quotes are up now, numbers 886 – 890.

This one is my pick:

“Have you ever noticed that trout seem to take better as our fly gets more ragged? Think I’ll start tying ragged flies. Hell, on second thought, I don’t even have to think about it, because my flies come out of the vise that way.”
– Jimmy D Moore

This quote is very pertinent to me. Have a look at this article and the allure of the Rufazgutz fly

“The first rule of successful fishing tackle retailing is first catch your fisherman.
I saw far too many illustrations of the truth of this rule in my years in the tackle business to argue against it.

This rule is based on a simple premise – the better a lure or fly looks to the angler the more likely money will change hands. The paint jobs on some lures are so good you could swear they could be floured, battered, fried, and served with  chips (or fries if you live in the US). But what is eminently edible to our eyes is not necessarily mouth-watering to a fish.”

Posted by Tony Bishop

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So very true, much like knifes, the better a knife looks the more it sells for, it's not functionality that sells in today's society, it's visual appeal.