5 More fishing quotes and sayings up now – January 25 2010

Numbers 916 –920 are ready for your perusal as usual.

My pick, and a bit controversial, certainly my comments about it may be…

“The reason that all other kinds of fishermen look up to the dry-fly purist is not that he catches more fish than they; on the contrary, it is because he catches fewer. His is the sport in its purist, most impractical, least material form.”
– William Humphrey

My comment:
What a load of utter rubbish – the only anglers who look up to dry-fly purists are other purists and dogmatists. Most aspects of human endeavour have collected their share of  dogma and cant. Trout fishing is one sport where a short-sighted, blinkered view of how things could and should be done is rife amongst a self appointed ‘elite’.

There are some in this sport of ours, thankfully only a very few, that consider it some kind of duty to mystify and ritualise trout fishing. Most of these seem to be in the purist dry-fly fishing fraternity. They try to imbue trout fishing with an almost religious mysticism, complete with rituals and conventions. These ‘purists’ attach themselves to one form of trout fishing and will brook no deviation from this ‘pure’ practice. Bah and humbug!

If you are new to fly fishing and come across a purist trying to convert you to the ‘one way’, run one way. Away!

Posted by Tony Bishop