5 New Fishing Quotations and Sayings: 30 Oct 2014

Five new fishing quotations and sayings, plus comment and wise stuff, brings the total to 1220 . Five latest are numbers 1216 to 1220.

“What do the little fishes do that make most truthful men untrue?”

– Joseph Morris – Number 1216

“The thrill of a fish at the end of the line, that thing that sparks from the dark water to spinal cord, is a vestige of an archetypal joy that has to do with sustenance, material and spiritual.”

Christopher Camuto  – Number 1217

“About the only certainty, other than uncertainty, in fly fishing is that a fly won’t catch fish if it stays in its box.”

– Arnold Gingrich – Number 1218

“Datin’is a lot like fishin’. Sometimes catch and release is the best method.”

Earl Dibbles Jr. – Number 1219

“These enthusiasts often like to hang signs that say “Gone Fishin'” or “Gone Huntin'”. But what these slogans really mean is “Gone Killing.”

Marc Bekoff – Number 1220

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