5 New Fishing quotes 3 Feb 2011

Five new fishing quotes are up now – numbers 1016 – 1020.

My two picks – on the same theme of sorts:

“I always thought a fly fisherman was the ultimate optimist; anyone who believes he can trick a wary wild fish with a concoction fashioned from feathers and fur can’t be a pessimist.”
– David Klausmeyer – Editor, Fly Tyer Magazine Number 1020


“… trout get locked into a ‘prey image’ … by and large trout react to what is right about a fly and ignore what is wrong. If they did not we wouldn’t catch them on our flies!”
– Mick Huffer – Fly-Fishing and Fly-Tying Magazine – Dec 2006 Number 1019

I believe this is what answers the question, "but why do trout ignore the hook in plain view on a fly?"

Posted by Tony Bishop