5 New fishing quotes and sayings: August 9 2011

Just hooked into 5 new pithy pronouncements from the pens of perceptive people – numbers 1041 – 1045.

Two picks from the catch of this day:

“The public at large have little understanding of the importance of healthy river fly populations. But it is those populations, close to the bottom of the food chain, that provide sustenance for a wide range of fish and birds, and serve as a "miner’s canaries", warning of deterioration in water quality. In addition, and no less importantly they form the bedrock of our sport.”

– Peter Lapsley in Fly-Fishing and Fly-Tying magazine (UK) April 2011

“…there are few things deader than a dead brown trout stream.”

– Ed Zern writing about mid-summer, daylight, brown trout fishing.

And haven’t we all been there!

Posted by Tony Bishop