5 new fishing quotes and sayings – Feb 21, 2010

I have just up-loaded a new batch of fishy quotes and sayings for your undoubted pleasure and enlightenment – Numbers 926 – 930 (getting closer to the big 1000).

My pick of the batch (num 928):

β€œThey argue about level lines and tapered, about heavy tackle or light, about whether you ought to fish upstream or down, about a single built rod or a double built. They get nasty the minute anybody says anything about balance — that’s like dynamite to ’em — and I’ve seen ’em almost start a fight over whether Henshall designs were as good as Miss Austen’s. After I’ve listened to them awhile I think they all ought to get a cane pole and garden hackle* and go down to the stream someday the way they did when they were kids. It might do ’em some good, and I bet they’d have a swell time, too”
“You’re right, George, ” I said. “All the tackle in the world won’t give a fisherman a good time if he’s not built for it.”
Edwin L. Peterson No Life So Happy

*garden hackle – a worm

Actually, the β€˜pick of the bunch’ from the quotes was a toss-up – the other one was (927):

β€œThe wilderness reminds me that everything I do has a consequence.” – Sum Won

Posted by Tony Bishop