5 New Fishing Quotes –Jan 3 2011

So, another New Year and I am very happy to announce that the  one New Year’s resolution I made over 30 years ago, and every New Year since, has been kept and made yet again: “Make no New Year’s resolutions.”

Five new quotes, 1008 – 1012,  are up and ready for your perusal.

My pick of the litter – and I guess as close to a New Year’s resolution I would want to make:

A trip to the river is a series of actions and choices. Which fly? Where to cast – how best to reach the spot I am aiming for? Some days I don’t catch a thing, some days quite a few. Fly-fishing takes a mulish patience, a recognition of limits, a willingness to put up with mistakes, take them in, learn from them. On the river the world is neither perfect nor broken, but always fixable, adjustable, always ripe for restoration.”
– Frank Soos – Bamboo Fly Rod Suite

Have a great 2011 – you may as well!

Posted by Tony Bishop