5 New Fishing Quotes and Sayings

These five new quotes are numbers 1281 – 1285. 

“A fish story needs no apology.  And no affidavit or string of affidavits can add anything to its credibility.”  #1281

“It is perfectly true that good fishing is not all luck.  But it is just as true that there is no good fishing without some luck.”  #1282

“There don’t have to be a thousand fish in a river; let me locate a good one and I’ll get a thousand dreams out of him before I catch him–and if I catch him, I’ll turn him loose.” #1283

“Fishing, for many, is an indispensable connection to earth and life, and it matters little that the multitude that practices it is incapable of translating its ambiguities to another idiom.”  #1284

“Fish quietly. The silence of wilderness is too beautiful to miss.” #1285

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Posted by Tony Bishop