5 New Fishing Quotes and Sayings – 21 Dec. 2014

Just put up five new fishing quotes and sayings, hooked and landed from the river of words that flow through the sport we love. Total number of quotes now 1225, see them all here.quill

“The world needs more tackle boxes and less XBoxes”

– Shimano – Number 1221

“She asked me to whisper the three words every girl wants to hear, so I said “Let’s go fishing.”””

– NA – Number 1222

“Fishing is only an addiction if you are trying to quit.”

– NA  – Number 1223

“I got 99 problems and fish’n solves all of ’em”

– Earl Dibbles – Number 1224

“In the best stories about fly fishing … big fish are caught or lost; people say wild and spontaneous words; event becomes memory and sometimes, in the hands of a master, bleeds into art”

– Nick Lyons – Number 1225