5 New Fishing Quotes and Sayings

These five new quotes are numbered 1286 – 1289

“I distrust experts in general and fishing experts in particular.” #1286

“Anticipating drag and dealing with it before the fact is one of the factors that distinguishes those people who always seem to catch more trout than the rest of us.” #1287

“Sometimes, concentrating on some deeply undercut bank, if you were lucky, you could catch a glimpse of something dark and larger than anything your imagination could conjure.” #1288

“The first and last object of the fly-fisher is to show as much of the fly to the fish as possible, and as little of everything else.” #1289

“Fly fishing is a healthy antisocial sport, and many of us have an emotional investment in being misunderstood because it makes us feel strange and brilliant, like Van Gogh.” “#1290

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Posted by Tony Bishop