5 New Fishy Quotes and Sayings – May 9, 2010

Just published 5 new quotes on fishing, numbers 951 – 955.

My picks:

Most good pocket water looks like an impossible mosaic of violent movement, a maelstrom of white foam and surging chutes, accompanied by an all encompassing symphony of thunder. Why would anyone want to fish it? Because trout sometimes love it!”
– Tony Entwistle – Fish and Game New Zealand New Zealand Magazine; Making Pocket Water Productive (number 954)

“Flyfishing is like the legendary canary in the mine shaft. Flyfishing is the litmus test, if you will, for our environment. If we cannot protect our rivers and fisheries, or strive to make flyfishing a quality experience, our commitment to stewardship has failed.”
– George Anderson – Can Fly-fishing Survive the Twenty-first Century? (number 952)

Posted by Tony Bishop