5 new fishing quotes and sayings – Mar 2, 2010

Once more we delve into the depths of fishing literature to hook out pearls of wisdom about fishing. Numbers 931 – 935 are waiting your perusal.

And again I have two picks from today’s selection:

first from the grand-dame of fly fishing, Joan Salvato Wulff in ‘Thoughts of a Fly Fisherman – Or Two’

The woods and waters of the outdoors became my church, a place where I could examine my thoughts and feel I was connected to all living things. This feeling is especially strong when, with rod in hand, I am wading a river for trout or salmon…where everything makes sense, where there is nothing but truth. There will be no disenchantment with this church.”

And some keen perception from Paul Quinnett in ‘Pavlov’s Trout’

The purpose of a fishing trip is not to catch fish. Bringing home meat is important, but it is more symbolic than necessary, as the new morality of catch-and-release has shown. What is important is what happens between people on fishing trips, especially between uncles and nephews, fathers and sons, old men in general and young boys in particular, it is one of the few times men are together without women.”

Posted by Tony Bishop