A fishy quote follow-up

While I was adding new quotes to the page today, I came across a quote (248) that omitted a very important phrase – that phrase is in bold:

It is strange that dry fly fishermen persist in striving for exact imitation in their fly dressing, while largely ignoring the possibilities of more lifelike presentation of the dry fly … scuttering of the natural insect on the surface has been bringing good trout to the net for many decades past.”kiteimp
– Frank Sawyer and Oliver Kite

Oliver Kite used large hackles on his dry flies, really large. He felt large hackles allowed the wind and ‘waves’ to move the fly on the surface in a much more natural way.

And just by the way isn’t “scuttering” a beautiful word to describe the movement of a fly, real or imitation, on and over the water’s surface?

Posted by Tony Bishop