Five New Fishy Quotes– 12 Nov 2016

More musings on fishing and fishermen – now 1275 in total.

“The first principle in all fishing is simple: never let the fish know he’s being fished for.”  – Havilah Babcock (1271)

“The whole notion of trout fishing would not be so romantic if the trout did not win, too.” – Mark Rauschenberger (1272)

“I’ve never had all the flies I wanted, probably never will, and couldn’t carry them all if I did.” – John Gierach – Trout Bum (1273)

“Most fly patterns should be works in progress.” – Lou Tabory (1274)

“Confidence is the best lure in your tackle box.” – Gerald Swindle (1275)

Five More Fishing Quotations – 21 May 2016

It has been a while I know but to quote John Lennon “Life happens while you are making other plans.” But here, at last, are fishing quotes numbers 1266 – 1270.

“I have never tied a perfect pattern. Every fly has an antic disposition, an errant fiber, or faulty wrap.”  Darrel Martin

The greatest sight in fishing is the hole where the popping bug used to be.” 84-year-old Florida fishing guide, quoted by Guy de la Valdene

It is the fisherman’s way, exploring, and I shall follow such slim promises until I follow no more trails at all.”  Nick Lyons

Truth can be a slippery notion for anglers who have traditionally been exempt from precise accuracy.”  Henry Hughes

Soon he was in the regular rhythm of it: cast-and-retrieve, step down, cast again. With each movement, he felt more of the week’s accumulated stress ease out of him, and his spirits rose accordingly.”  Steve Raymond

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Doubters Strike Back at Grip and Kill Article

Trout dying to get a good photo?

My Grip and Kill (GAK) article received a huge amount of support from the fishing community. Links to the article reached many hundreds and is still growing. Many out-takes from the article were, and are still, being published by a large number of sites, big and small. The article has been published, (by permission), in a great many fishing club newsletters, etc.

The GAK page blew my site bandwidth cap out the window, and if it was not for a friend in the business mirroring the page, I would have had to shut the site down for a while. Even today, the page receives over 200 – 250 unique visits, every day.

But of course, being on the Internet, GAK attracted a significant group of nay-sayers and doubters.

So I have written answers to the more rational doubts and this is in the side-bar of the original article.

5 More Fishing Quotes Posted 26 August 2015

More fishing goodness spilling from wise fishing heads: Total quotes now 1250.

“You can always tell a fisherman, but you cannot tell him much.”

Corey Ford (Number 1246)

“No human activity other than sex and murder has spawned more books than fishing. Many of them seem to bear out the truth of Humphrey’s observation. Luckily for those of us who love both fishing and reading, he exaggerated.”

William G Tapply (Number 1247)

““The literature of angling falls into two genres: the instructional and the devotional,” wrote William Humphrey in his satirical little novel My Moby Dick. “The former is written by fishermen who write, the latter by writers who fish””

William G Tapply (Number 1248)

“Moral: Humility and open-mindedness sometimes catch far more fish than all the wise guys.”

Robert Traver (Number 1249)

“There are hundreds of new streamer patterns the past decade with so many new choices of materials. Many of the newer patterns have eye appeal more for the tying community than the fish!”

Mac Brown (Number 1250)

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Five New Fishing Quotes & Sayings: 20/12/2013

Five more musings on the mysteries, magic and meditations on fishing and things fishy.

“You see? I know where every single book used to be in the library." She pointed to the shelf opposite. "Over there was Catch-22, which was a hugely popular fishing book and one of a series, I believe.”

– Jasper Fforde, Shades of Grey (#1176)

I hate the outdoors. To me the outdoors is where the car is.”

Will Durst (#1177)

“Fishing is a disease. It’s not usually fatal and there’s no known cure for it, but the therapy is wonderful”

– Peter Carty New Zealand Masters on Fly Fishing (Using Your Experience And Intensity) (#1178)

“I used to like fishing because I thought it had some larger significance. Now I like fishing because it’s the one thing I can think of that probably doesn’t.”

NA (#1179)

“I don’t believe it is wise to underrate the reasoning powers of a fish, or that matter any wild creature…”

– Frank Sawyer (#1180)

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Overhyping the Fear Factor Doesn’t Help Fishing

Kirk Deeter, of Field &Stream, wonders whether the fishers of tomorrow are getting the right message.  

“I gave another elementary school talk the other day, and was once again blown away by the enthusiasm 10-year-olds have for fishing. They asked many great questions, but there was a pattern that left me feeling concerned. funnyshark

"Have you ever been attacked by a shark?" (Nope… but I’ve watched them jump and thrash when I’ve fought them on a fly rod, and I’ve had them brush against me when I’m scuba diving.)

Have you ever been bit by a rattlesnake? (No… but I am afraid of them, so I try really hard not to step on them.)

What fish scares you the most? (The trout that’s rising, and I cannot figure out how to catch it… I think I’m losing my mind.)

Have you ever seen a big fish kill anyone? (No, not any people. I’ve seen big fish eat little fish, and birds, and that sort of stuff.)

Have you ever been attacked by a "river monster?" (Not yet.)

Look, I get what the show "River Monsters" is all about…”

Read the whole story.

The ‘UK Grip’ – A Trout Killer Too!


Some people who read my recent article on ‘grip and kill’ when taking photos of trout have pointed out the style of grip shown above – I call it the ‘UK grip’ and it can be lethal.

Those who follow UK trout fishing magazines and websites may have noticed the prevalence of photos with the trout being held as seen in the photo above. I did a quick flick through a pile of recent top selling UK magazines and websites and as rough estimate well over 50% of fish are held by the UK grip.  I believe trout are held this way to show off the fact that the fish is a ‘full-finned’ or wild fish, not a stocked fish.

Many (most?) stocked fish have their tails and fines damaged by other fish and the concrete walls of the stock pens. So to show off the fact the fish is ‘full-finned and tailed’ you need a grip that does just that. That grip which I have called the ‘UK grip’ is great for showing fins and tails, but is it good for the trout? No.

The UK grip means that the tail of the fish is not firmly held by fingers encircling the base of the tail – to do so would ‘hide’ the tail. So the holder must squeeze the fish as shown above. If the fish thrashes about the grip around the heart area has to increase. All bad news for the heart and other organs.

This practice needs to stop, and fishing media can stamp it out almost immediately. Magazines and websites need to stop showing fish held in this way.

Fishing Simplified?

I usually try and ignore the mangled English that can sometimes be found flowing from the keyboard of people for whom English is a second language – but the following gem is from a US boat rental website, mostly in English…

“Popular Fishing Types: Choice your best.

Fly Fishing
Fly fishing is an very old and severe sort of fishing that has a unmatched way of fishing. Although this is severe in nature, but moreover a really relaxing sport. Flies are the many critical apparatus in fly fishing and flies are synthetic in nature, but shut to the originals. use of fly fishermen fishing techniques, fishing both uninformed and salt water, but of march not similar ways. Britain, Japan, North America and Australia are the places where people are going to be staunch to fly fishing.

Fishing Game
Game Fishing is popularly well known as the low sea competition fishing, competition fishing or offshore fishing offshore. This fishing is really renouned in Australia and New Zealand. In the fishing diversion fishing to grasp tuna and marlin go. The ships are about 18-21 feet are best for such adventures. In Hawaii, these boats are well known as the butterfly navy on the other palm are called “party boats in New Zealand.

River Fishing
River fishing is one thing that is really renouned amid the local race of places. This is similarly renouned and interesting as infectious fish in the sea. River fishing requires calm and a proper outline will make it even more enjoyable. If you’re on an exploit of this, then do not dont think about to project in to the place only. I will not give great results in minimal time.

Reef Fishing
The embankment refers to a shallow of rocks, coral or sand that rises nearby the aspect of a body of water. So fisherman can fish from the seaside of a sea, stream or lake. Before you go fishing on the reefs you must be have a great thought about the height of the H2O goes fishing. It is not a correct thing to fish in unknown waters, if you are out fishing on the reefs. It is appropriate to take a thick rod with you, since this sort of fishing requires a great treat of strength and infrequently the fishermen finish up violation their rods. Weather conditions and breeze citation are moreover a few special factors that you must be consider. When it comes to lures, live shrimp, crabs, mullet and a accumulation of other fish work well in this sort of fishing.”

There is more but my head hurts!