The Eyes Have It

I really do not know if there is any scientific proof that eyes on flies or lures make any difference to a fish’s bite or not decision, but I do know that many fishing writers believe that eyes give the predator fish an ‘aiming point’. I also know that if I have lures or flies with eyes to choose from those without, eyed ones are going to be tied on every time.

Gloabal Flyfisher has a very clear, well illustrated and simple to follow article on adding eyes to freshwater and saltwater flies, and the technique could be used on lures as well.

Just a little tip from my days as a commercial artist; when trying to dab on the paint, place a small block of wood under the base of your hand, so that the base of your hand is a little higher that the fly you are painting. It helps control the ‘shakes’. This works for all age groups, but is especially helpful to us over-50’s. It is good technique to use when applying head cement with the fly off the vice.