Five More Fishing Quotations and Sayings – 5 September 2014

They just keep coming – 5 more fishing quotations and sayings bring the total to 1215.

“Fly tying – The art of attaching feathers, fur, wool, and silk to a tiny hook to create artificial lures that imitate insects, a skill easily mastered by anyone who can peel a grape blindfolded with a pair of tweezers and a butter knife while wearing oven mitts.” – Number 1211

“Early on I decided that fishing would be my way of looking at the world. First it taught me to look at rivers.  Lately it has been teaching me how to look at people, myself included.” Thomas McGuane  – Number 1212

“In my opinion, fishing then becomes a mirror which reflects all of our being and our values in life – and in return our values determine how we fish. One goes into the other and the boundaries merge… Doing becomes being and being becomes doing; a magic circle with no beginning or end and our hearts always standing where they belong – directly in the centre.” Lani Waller –  Number 1213

“There is nothing so gone as a lost fish!” – Number 1214

“To say it was all just a matter of catching fish would be like saying that astronomy is nothing more than noticing the stars.” Harry Middleton – number 1215

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