Five More Fishing Quotes and Sayings: 02 June 2013

Five more quotes and sayings on the sport we love – troll through the whole 1140 on my website quotes page.

“Normally people learn to cast, then to cast really far, and finally to cast short and actually fish.”
– Normann Kotzurek, Fishing Guide and Instructor Quoted in Scale Magazine.

“It is well known that no person who regards his reputation will ever kill a trout with anything but a fly. It requires some training on the part of the trout to take to this method.”
-Charles Dudley Warner, as quoted by Nessmuk in Woodcraft and Camping circa 1920

“There is nothing – not friends, not books, not lawyers, guns, or money – nothing can prepare you for this moment when you first stalk a flat scanning for bonefish… because bonefish in the water, for all intents and purposes, are invisible.”
– Dave Ames, Ju Ju Travel

“I fill my life with noise, banging drums on the edge of the abyss… I knew it was time to take off, and go fishing.”
– Charles Rangeley Wilson, Somewhere Else

“There’s just something about watching fish take a surface fly that I can’t get out of my head.”
– Craig Mathews

The quotes above are numbers 1136 through 1140 on the quotes webpage.

Posted by Tony Bishop