Five More Fishing Quotes and Sayings: 13 Mar 2013

More marvellous musings on the pleasurable pursuit of fish.

“Whether we tie a fly or choose a pattern from a bin at the shop, we enlist it in a story of our own making.” – Ted Leeson 

“Fish eat worms and salmon eggs and marshmallows. I mean if it’s just about catching fish, you wouldn’t be sitting here watching this video — it’s about tying nice flies.”
– Charlie Craven

"A beautiful pattern poorly tied does not make for a beautiful fly.  But an ugly pattern brilliantly tied might, because it embodies hope.” – Erin Block

“Overtime, hatchery fish tend to show signs of domestication and these traits adapted to the hatchery environment can make it more difficult to survive in the wild.” – Norm Dicks

“Reading the features you would get the impression that this year’s crop of rods will allow you to cast from here to eternity, with a rod so light you need to tie it to your wrist to stop it blowing away.” – Tony Bishop

Yes, I know the quote above is from one of my articles on the blog, but more than several people have suggested it for the quotes page. You will judge the quote’s merit, or otherwise.

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Posted by Tony Bishop