Five More Fishing Quotes and Sayings: 29 Dec 2012

Up now, five new quotes from the fishing world numbers 1111 – 1115.

“Somewhere in the wide range of activity between the hard physical effort of wading for long hours against a swift current in a rocky stream, casting steadily, and the indolence of lying quietly in the sun waiting for a bobber to go under there is a type of angling to suit everyone’s mood and everyone’s pocketbook. Fishing is fishing wherever it is found… Angling’s problems are never solved.”
– Lee Wulfe 1939

“It would be a miracle of God if it happened. I know it… If God wills it, the summer rains will fill the wadis… and the salmon will run the river. And then my countrymen… all classes and manner of men–will stand side by side and fish for the salmon. And their natures, too, will be changed. They will feel the enchantment of this silver fish… and then when talk turns to what this tribe said or that tribe did… then someone will say, "Let us arise, and go fishing."
– Paul Torday: ‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’

“I must have looked like a beady-eyed nutso, as she gave me a pitying look and stared out the window. I am a beady-eyed nutso. After all, I spend hours tying flies that match sea-run food, gauging tides, and casting my arm off — even with no guarantee of catching a fish.”
– Chester Allen

“There are also many days when I have searched for big trout without so much as a spooked fish. Through countless cups of coffee, driving all night, and storms that were so bad that I wondered if it was even possible to cast in these conditions…Nothing in fishing is predictable. Maybe you’ll be rewarded sooner than you imagine. On slow days I make a point to run through all the little circumstances of the day, determining if something is different from years past. This has been a learning tool to better understand trout behaviour, migrating patterns, and areas where they may be holding. If I didn’t take the time to pay my dues and continue to learn, I would not fully understand when or where to catch fish”
– Landon Mayer

“Many of the most highly publicized events of my presidency are not nearly as memorable or significant in my life as fishing with my daddy.”
– Jimmy Carter

Posted by Tony Bishop