Five more fishy quotes and saying – Apr 1, 2010

Some more insight into the sport we immerse ourselves in – numbers 941 – 945.

My pick of this creel-full;

“If all the fish in the world suddenly disappeared, I know of many fly tyers who would go right on tying flies as if nothing had happened, myself included!”
– Jimmy D Moore – Outdoor Memories 1999
And I would be right there tying away too!

But wait there is more:

“But if the salmon and trout must be classified as elite in this mythical social structure then let the black bass be given permanent status as the working class of American gamefishes. He’s tough and he knows it. . . He’s a bass sax grumbling get-down blues in the bayou. He’s a factory worker, truck driver, wild catter, lumberjack, barroom bouncer, dock walloper, migrant farmhand, and bear wrassler. And if it’s a fight you’re looking for, he’ll oblige anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s a backwater at noon, a swamp at midnight, or dockside at dawn, he’ll be there waiting. He’s a fierce-eyed, foul mouthed, tobacco-chewing redneck who has travelled to every corner of the nation, paying his way and giving no quarter.”
– Pat Smith -Old Iron Jaw

Posted by Tony Bishop