Five New Fishing Quotes and Sayings: 15 Feb 2013

Five more perfectly presented pensive postulations on the pleasure of piscine pursuits – enjoy!

β€œDo not blindly accept statements about 95 and 98 percent knots. Even if a claim is the product of rigorous testing, it indicates what a knot can achieve rather than what it will always achieve.” – Art Scheck

β€œTo insist that fly fishing is all about catching fish is like saying the only reason for sex is procreation. In essence, yes, it is true, but how much we would be missing out on if that was all there was.” – Derek Grzelewski

β€œFly fishing is the rip-cord for escape.” – Mike Delph

β€œ…any old bit of carpet wrapped round a hook will catch a trout. It is how it behaves in the water that counts.” – Arthur Cove

β€œWho cares about finding a unified theory of the universe? What we need is a unified theory of fly-fishing.” – Graig Spolek

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Posted by Tony Bishop