Five new fishing quotes and sayings 29 June 2013 – total now 1145

by Tony Bishop on June 29, 2013

“If you aren’t a fisher you’ll see many things, but the river, except where it is ridden by waterfowl or waded by moose, will rarely enter your thoughts, much less stimulate your spirit.  It’s different if you fish. The surface of the water tells a story….”
– Paul Schullery

“What we are doing to the rivers of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to future generations”
– Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi

“Suddenly "4x" was the latest in a long line of stupid decisions I’ve made in my life”
– Bruce Smithhammer

“Fishing is the lonely sport: for dreamers, star gazers, storm chasers.”
– Alan Harawitz

“Sometimes when the water is quiet…you can almost hear the fish laughing at you”
– Sum Won

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