Five New Fishing Quotes and Sayings 5 August 2012

Five new quotes up now, and the total is now up to 1085.

“Friends of the fisherman who hooked an Austin A40 in the Exeter Canal last week are already sick of hearing about the Cadillac that got away because it had bigger fins.”

– unknown author (1081)

“Fishermen are not liars, just poor estimators.” 

– author unknown (1082)

“There are certainly no liars in the crew, but as a general course, subtract about thirty per cent.”

– Gert Jensen (1083)

“In a bowl to sea went wise men three ~
On a brilliant night of June: ~
They carried a net, and their hearts were set ~
On fishing up the moon.”

– Thomas Love Peacock (1785-1866)   (1084)

“Paradise is being in a space where all that matters in your entire universe is what might happen within the next five seconds in that pocket of promising water 35 feet in front of you.”

– Kirk Deeter  (1085)

Posted by Tony Bishop