Five new fishing quotes and sayings – Sep 7 2010

Five more fishing quotes and sayings are up now – numbers 991 – 995. That magic 1000 is getting awfully close now – just as well really, it is becoming a real struggle to find new quotes.

Two picks today:

There: the angler’s noun. There, every fisherman has one. Someplace on a river or stream. There, is seldom a generality, but a precise footing on a bend somewhere, a place where every riffle, every willow, every cloud is in place. You can be near there  or around there, or by there, but there is no place like there. Easily dreamed, there. You can get there from an easy chair, or on a downtown bus. There is an exact passage from a fisherman’s back pages, virtual reality without the helmet. There is the reason for being here.”
Scott Waldie – Travers Corners: The Final Chapters

“Halford argued dry and Skues argued wet and that age old argument isn’t over yet!
Some fish both wet and dry, but never bother to understand why.
Some fish only wet and some only dry.
Some don’t care as long as it’s a pretty fly.
"Might as well fish a worm", said the dry fly man as he shifted his feet in the burning hot sand.
"To catch big browns you must fish wet my friend," said the wet fly man as he slowly sipped his Gin.
"I’ll catch’em on top", said the dry fly man and If I try long enough, I know that I can. "Why waste your time with pretty little fly", when you could go deep with something really sly", countered the wet fly guy.
"But I must see the take", said the dry fly man, as he slowly cast his dry fly again and again.
"I’ll fish my wet while you watch your dry", quipped the wet fly guy, his fresh hooked brown rocketing toward the sky!
And the pretty little fly still floats round and round, while the dry fly guy waits patiently for his big brown.
Alas, be they wet or be they dry, I’ll fish them both till the day I die. ”
Jimmy D Moore

Posted by Tony Bishop