New fishing quotes – July 25 2010

Five new  quotations, sayings and aphorisms on fishing, fish, fishermen, boats, tackle, lakes, rivers and sea– numbers 976 to 980.

My pick:

“Choose your fly fishing friends wisely. They can have an effect on how many and the size of the trout you catch. Fly fishers who spend a lot of time fishing together will unconsciously adopt some of the other’s mannerisms, choice of flies and casting techniques over time. Surrounding yourself with great fly fishers who catch a lot of trout will help you catch more and larger trout. However, does that mean that while you as the poorer angler improve your fishing prowess, the better angler’s fishing prowess deteriorates? It could be that as your fishing improves and your friend’s deteriorates, he reaches a point where his fishing begins to improve by watching you the better angler. If that is the case, somewhere along the line, both of you will become great anglers.” – Jimmy D Moore

Could not agree more with this quote; (actually it is as true in life in general as it is in fishing – but I digress). I have been lucky enough to fish alongside some truly great fishermen in fresh and saltwater, and learnt so much each time I could not help but become a better fisherman, try as I might to do not otherwise:)

Posted by Tony Bishop