More Fishing Quotes & Sayings – Apr 28, 2010

They just keep on keeping on – five new quotes, numbers 946 – 950. Enjoy!

A couple of picks to whet your appetite;

What is that saying, something about sparing the rod…

“And if a child has taken up the rod, he has shaken hands with nature, thus sealing an agreement to both understand and protect her many wonders. For fishing can be conceived in no other way.”
– Phillip Brunquell – Fly-Fishing with Children

Midge fishing or midge madness…

“As much as anything, the anglers will clue you in to the midge hatch. You will see them hunched over in concentration like herons. The better ones will be in as close as they can get to the dimpling trout. What you’ll notice is the rhythmic flicking of casts toward a porpoising trout and the lack of any other motions. The only exception will be the gentle tug that sets a very small hook attached to the leader by a very delicate tippet. The playing of the trout, if it is a good one, will be a cat-and-mouse sort of ecstasy.”
– Ed Engle

Posted by Tony Bishop