New Fishing Quotes and Sayings 16 Oct 2013: Now 1170

Pithy pronouncements pouring from pens of perceptive piscators:
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“You cannot lose what you never had.”

– Isaac Walton – The Compleat Angler  Quote Num 1166
(Bit of an observation not just about fishing, but including life, the Universe and the whole damn thing.)

“Sight casting requires you to witness your failures, an indignity spared those fishing blind. Perhaps that’s one reason why casting to the current is more relaxing than casting to a fish.”

-  E. Donnal Thomas Jr  – Dream Fish And Road Trips Quote num 1167

“It is axiomatic in fly-fishing that the hottest pattern is always the one you don’t have.”

– Ted Leeson – Inventing Montana Quote num 1168

“A professional fishing guide is defined, in strict terms, as the guy who has successfully convinced his wife he is actually making a living and supporting the family in this pursuit. An excellent guide is one who can come home at night, moan about how hard he worked that day, and talk his wife into giving him a foot rub.”

– Rich Tosches  -  Zipping My Fly Quote Num 1169

“The take to a deep-sunk fly just as it begins to swing across current, followed by the line shearing through water and, often, a trout taking to air a remarkable distance from where the line disappears, is heady stuff indeed.”

– Scott Sadil  Quote Num 1170

Posted by Tony Bishop