New Fishing Quotes and Sayings 17 Sep 2013

Five new quotes and sayings trawled up from the sea of words enveloping our sport.

“If it appears I’m ignoring you it is most likely I’m – busy fishing – thinking about fishing – talking about fishing – reading about  fishing – or I’m just plain not interested in what you are talking about!”
– some brave but not forthcoming soul (1161)

“When it comes to this fishing there is no black and white. It is all gray. The only absolutes have to do with rigging, before you ever get out there.”
– Stu Apte  (1162)

“Somehow you’ve got to get that fly to drift without a tug from your leader. One heartbeat longer is often enough. There’s a fish watching, waiting. Most of them will say yes if you don’t do something that tells them no.”
– Scott Sadil (1163)

“Of all nature’s animated kingdoms, fish are the most unchristian, inhospitable, heartless, and cold-blooded of creatures.”
– Herman Melville (1164)

“Water is the driving force of all nature”.
– Leonardo da Vinci (1165)

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Posted by Tony Bishop