New fishing quotes and sayings – Feb 2, 2010

Five new fishing quotes and sayings are up now – numbers 921 – 925.

My pick of this group, number 922…

During the past two decades we have seen an explosion in the popularity of fly fishing. Thousands of new fly fishermen, and women, have embraced the sport and taken up fly tying as a part of it. During this same period we have had a proliferation in new tying materials; and new magazines abound espousing and rehashing the many nuances of tying. After fifty plus years of fly tying, I am always amused by tyers who purport to have discovered a brand new technique. Truth to be told there seems to be little that is truly new in the fly tying world. Claims of hot new patterns consistently appear that are nothing more than recycled variations or modifications using new materials on an old, forgotten fly.

– Ian Moutter ‘Tying Flies The Paraloop Way’

Posted by Tony Bishop