New fishing quotes and sayings –July 19, 2010

Five new quotations, sayings and aphorisms on fishing, fish, fishermen, boats, tackle, lakes, rivers and sea – Numbers 971- 975

I had absolutely no idea when I started collecting and publishing fishy quotes and sayings that I would be closing in on 1000 – but that somewhat magical number is getting very close now.

Two picks tonight, from the pen of Big Norm; (Norman MacLean – A river Runs through It.)

“Many of us probably would be better fishermen if we did not spend so much time watching and waiting for the world to become perfect.”


“He told us about Christ’s disciples being fishermen, and we were left to assume…that all great fishermen on the Sea of Galilee were fly fisherman and that John, the favorite, was a dry-fly fisherman.”

Posted by Tony Bishop