The Reach Cast Demonstrated

The Midcurrent site has another of Joan Wulff’s great fly casting videos up. This time on the “Reach Cast”.

From the video – “A dry fly fisherman has to be aware of what we call ‘drag.’ Drag is that motion that makes the fly look as if it is a water-skier instead of a free-floating insect, and it’s caused by the currents that work on the line and leader. So we need affect that by doing what we call a ‘Reach Cast,’ which will put the arm and the upper part of the rod upstream of the fly, so that the fly drifts down first.”

It is as well to remember that the reach cast has a strong place when using nymphs – a drag free drift is just as important in this style of fishing. When nymphing it can be a great help throw in a reach cast, giving you that extra little bit of time to throw in an early up-stream mend which sets up a long drift.

Posted by Tony Bishop