Seven new fishing quotes and sayings – Sep 12, 2009

Once again, a new selection of 7 quotes on fishing, fishermen, rivers lakes and sea is there for your undoubted entertainment and perhaps a springboard or two for further thought.

My pick:

Fulps asserts that trout are not smarter than other species of fish, nor do they have the sharp visual acuity for which many give them credit. “Trout fishermen have invented those beliefs over the years, simply because we needed an excuse for why we couldn’t catch them as easily as we could other species. The biggest trout are not the smartest trout. They’re simply the most frightened, which is why they’re so difficult to catch. And human eyesight is actually about 14 times stronger than that of a trout.”

Walt Fulps aka ‘The Missouri Trout Hunter’

By the way – Happy Birthday Bish!

Posted by Tony Bishop