Three new fishing quotes and sayings: Jan 07 2012



“… To this day I would rather see a fish, creep up to him and watch his rise to my fly than catch half a dozen fish unseen until they take.”

– Roderick Haig-Brown

“Consider the renowned Scottish gillie who was asked what was the single most important skill for a a career fishing guide. After scratching his beard in deep thought he replied, ‘I’d have to say it’d be the ability to yawn with your mouth shut.”

– Quoted in ‘The Trout Diaries’, in a chapter on guiding, and watching clients ‘blind’ fishing – casting to unseen fish.

“As if in suspended animation, the trout pivoted and shot towards the floating Wulff, downstream and across the entire creek, and nabbed the fly with a take as decisive as a punch.”

– Derek Grzelewski – in ‘The Trout Diaries – A year of fly-fishing in New Zealand’

Posted by Tony Bishop