Three new fishing quotes and sayings–17 Dec 2011

Presented for your piscatorial pleasure, three new piscine pieces of perceptive and pithy pronouncements – quote numbers 1054 – 1056

β€œOur tradition is that of the first man who sneaked away to the creek when the tribe did not really need fish.”
– Roderick Haig-Brown – A River Never Sleeps

β€œThe cast was perfect enough for the purpose and the leader and fly piled up in the fast water. The drift was underway.  You could see everything: the trout spotting the pattern, turning to face it, placing it in binocular vision, the approach, the mouth opening, the snout poking out of the water, the cicada disappearing. Too much fun.”
– Jack MacKenzie – Time and Space

β€œThe soul of an angler embraces a collection of unquestioned convictions foremost amongst them the faith that a trout could take on any cast. Deprive him of that assumption and only a perplexing sense of waste remains.”
– Ted Leeson – Inventing Montana

Posted by Tony Bishop