The Very Famous Fisherman’s Dirty Little Secret

I recently wrote an article on Fishing Cheats, and it sure added to my email burden. Most were incredulous at the lengths some fishermen will go to, to massage their egos.

There were a good number of stories of cheats, swindlers, and con-artists of the angling persuasion, that people had encountered over the years.

But one comment on the fishing cheats blog-entry asked if the the cheat with the small rod was a famous fly fisherman. Actually he was not, but it did lead me down the memory path on some of my experiences with ‘famous fishermen’.

So I take a leaf out of the sensational magazines and tell a story about a very famous fly fisherman, and how the camera can, an often does, lie. [More]

Posted by Tony Bishop


If we only knew who this famous fly fisher was.

Oh Murdock, you know us hobbits are nice, quiet little people, who would not intentionally harm a soul, even an ass-soul:)
But on balance The VFFF’s books and videos have done a great deal more good for the fishing fraternity than the bad stuff, so his name will remain secret.