You only ever fish a river once

I come across a lot of non-fishing related quotes in my search for quotes on things fishy. This one caught my eye.

It is believed to be an old Greek saying. "You never bathe in the same river twice."
I think a quick change of words can reveal another truism: "You never fish in the same river twice".

Rivers change from moment to moment and day to day. Water flows and currents subtly shift. Wind ruffles the surface.

Light changes in intensity and direction. Bottom features seen in one light, reveal new features in a different light or at a different light angle.

Hatches begin and die.

Trout move into and out of lies. New light directions expose new lies. Unseen rain falls and water colour changes. Seasons change and fish habits change with them.
Floods come and go and the river changes again.

Maybe this is why we can fish one river, time after time, year after year, and still find something new every time we fish – for it is never the same river- that for me is one of the prime reasons that keeps me fishing.

Posted by Tony Bishop