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Answers to Your Questions on Saltwater Fishing and Fly-Fishing

The questions on this page have been either sent to me by email or were searched for via the search facility on this site, or search engines.

Questions are sorted alphabetically (mostly :) - but with a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) at the top.
(See notes below for a guide to what questions will not get an answer.)

Some words (in brackets and italics) are intentionally misspelt to match common misspellings when searching. Language and spelling is UK English, with a little bit of Kiwi thrown in.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove fish
smells and odour

How to remove a hook from a human painlessly and safely

How to release fish with the maximum chance of survival

Saltwater Fishing Fly Fishing Fishing in General

Alvey system
backlash (bird's nest)
bait fishing basics
bait for garfish(piper)
bait on hook
bait presentation
bait rigging
baiting hook
balloon fishing
bass - sea
beginners guide
berley, ground bait - recipe
berley, berley feeder,
frozen ground bait
Snapper spots
biggest yellowtail kingfish
blue cod
Boom Riggs
bottom fishing
burley, berley, chum, ground bait, ground-bait
casting technique
catching snapper
Centauri knot
drift fishing
finding fish
 NZ fish identification
fish lures
fish preparation
fish sounder
fish with Bish
fishing baitfish
fishing charters
fishing kahawai
fishing lures sold on TV
fishing sayings
fishing spots
garfish (piper)
Hapuku (hapuka) - Fish Info
how to rig open cast reels
jig fishing
kahawai (kawai)
kingfish ID
kingfish identification
kite fishing
piper baiting
piper or garfish recipe
rigs -for what??! fish or oil.
rod ratings
salt water fishing tips and tricks
sea bass
set hook
snapper (schnapper)
snapper bait
snapper identification
super duper fishing lure
World Records
yellowtail kingfish

Bead fly
Belt Up in Waders
big brown trout
big brown trout (2)
brown trout
Booby fly
Booby Fly - Tying
Cast a fly rod
Cast a spinning rod
Choosing a Guide
Fishing Smarter for Trout
Finding Trout
Finding trout in Lakes
Fly fishing knots
fly fishing tackle
fresh water license
Fresh water regulations
Jigging for Trout
Jigging tackle
Move fly-line on water ready to cast
Night fishing
Riffle lies
Roll Cast
spotting trout
saltwater fly
skinny dip fly
Spinning tackle
Taupo regulations
Trolling tackle
wader belt

arbor knot (tying line to spool)
best time to fish
buck fever
can fish see colours
cast a spinning rod
catch limits
Colours fish see
fishing hook sizes
hook sizes
Fishing Tips
freezing fish
Icing down fish
fishing quotes and aphorisms
funny fishing quotes
hook measurements
hook sizes
how to tie uni-knot
keeping fish fresh
knife sharpening
line twist
Mustad hook sizes
Sharpen hooks
tie line to a reel
tying a line
tying knots
New Zealand Seasons
who is Bish
who gets the record?
World Record Line Classes
World Records

Questions that cannot be answered are usually questions that are just too broad. For example:

"How do I use bait?" - for what, where, etc.

"How do I fly fish?" - are you kidding, go to any bookshop and see how many books there are on the subject, some are even mine.
"How do I catch...(fill in the name of a fish)? - No question this broad is going to get answers, you need to do some research yourself, and get into book shops or search the net for the fish you want to catch.

How do I tie knots?" - well you will be getting the picture by now. Please ask specific questions.

Fishing Spots

Asking me to give out information on my fishing spots is not going to get an answer - I have spent to much time and effort finding them!

New Zealand fishing spot info

There is a very good guide to fishing spots throughout NZ put out annually by NZ Fishing News Magazine. This is very thorough and covers fresh and salt water.

There has also been a number of books published that have details of good spots. A number of good books with detailed information on fly-fishing rivers and lakes are available. The NZ Fishing site has detailed information on fly-fishing spots, with maps.

Fishing spot books and web sites are readily obtainable around the world.

All these guides will certainly put you in close proximity to good 'spots'. They are not expensive and very thorough.

But no guide or book that lists spots has detailed information of just where to anchor at these spots in various tides, currents and wind conditions. Neither will the the guides show trout 'lies' in any detail. Very often 'near enough' is not.

And as an unashamed plug, in my books 'Fishing Even Smarter' and 'Fishing Smarter for Trout', I cover the subject of finding fishing spots and lies in some detail, and for salt water how to anchor in various tides, currents and winds - as I believe this knowledge is critical to becoming a successful angler.

Fishing Regulations (for NZ only) including Catch Limits for both fresh and salt water

I do not put fishing regulations on the site because they vary too much by area around the New Zealand, and change too often. It is up to the angler to ensure they know the regulations for the area they will be fishing. All tackle stores should have copies of the local regulations; the Dept. of Fisheries supplies them free.

Your freshwater licence has full details of the regulations in the area. There is no licence required for saltwater fishing in NZ, (yet).

Big sea bass

Article written by Tony Bishop

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Grip and Kill

Bad grip5

The way a trout is held when taking a photo, (aka 'Grip and grin'), can easily turn into 'grip and kill' if the fish is not handled carefully and correctly.
The area above the pectoral fins, (the fins just behind and below the gills) contains the fish's heart and other organs; too great a pressure applied to this area can lead to the death of the fish. Read about trout dying for a good photo here.

For the full story on releasing fish with best chance of survival read this.

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