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Lake Taupo - Lake and Area Fishing Tackle Guide

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Taupo Tackle Guide

This information is a guide to the best all round tackle for use in the Taupo area. Like all guides, it is just that, a guide. As in all forms of fishing, there are no hard and fast rules.

It is worthwhile to remember that the average sized trout in the area is 2 kg (3.5 lb.) and all the fish are wild trout, there is no stocking. The minimum size restriction is 40cm (16 inches), at the time of writing, always check your licence.

Important - Felt soled boots and waders are banned everywhere in New Zealand

General Overview - A quick overall look at tackle in the region.

Big Rivers
Our bigger rivers such as the Tongariro and Tauranga-Taupo most local anglers use tackle that is up to throwing big nymphs and lures, sometimes a long way, and often in wind. Once the fish is hooked, the big water needs gear that is up to the job. But this is not the only way to go.

River Mouths
Fishing river mouths can produce very big fish. But gear selection is important to meet the conditions.

fly-fishing in our lakes can be rewarding, and in lakes like Otomangakau can produce huge fish.

Other Streams and Rivers

The streams in the area provide superb fishing for those who are willing to make the effort required to get away from the beaten tracks.

There are many streams and rivers in the greater Taupo area where fishing for very big rainbows and browns is available all year round, except in some rivers closed areas for spawning operate at certain times.

If you are a skilled angler and want to experience the very best of fly-fishing in pristine conditions and clear water, casting to big fish you should if you can get the services of a good guide. Getting up to speed on finding fish, and then presenting a fly requires detailed knowledge. Floundering around at your own devices will only waste your fishing time.

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Night Fishing

Night fishing places special demands, but the rewards justify careful preparation. See these articles, Night Moves, Night Moves II, Booby Flies.

General Overview

Fishing in the high plateau area of the central North Island of New Zealand, where Taupo is located, places special demands on the angling.

Firstly there is the wind to contend with. While we do experience fine, sunny windless days, days without some wind are rare, and days with 15 km winds and above are common.

Secondly the area is formed on a volcanic plateau so the rivers and streams are full of fine pumice which is hard on fly lines and reels.

You, and your rod, should be capable of throwing nymphs or flies at least 50 feet, preferably more. If you are visiting from outside the area or from overseas, getting in some practice before you leave will gain you effective fishing time on our water. If you can, get in some practice casting in the wind, all the better.

Reels with a drag system are best. Non-drag reels are to prone to over-run when a wild fish takes off downriver. Any reel you use must have at least 100 metres or yards of backing, preferably more.

Cheap fly lines simply will not go the distance.

Firstly the pumice and sandstone boulder beds of many of our rivers will soon tear them apart. Secondly they can be difficult to cast longer distances.

Some other things to remember:

Only wool yarn indicators may be used in the area.

It is now legal to add weight to a leader. Flies may be weighted but there are strict rules regarding the size of hooks that may be weighted.

Viva wet fly

Article written by Tony Bishop

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