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Fishing and Fish Smells - how do you get rid of them?

Fishy smell?

The Number 1 Question Asked on This Site!

The smell of fish and fishing really gets some people going - and at the risk of being sexist it is usually at its most strident when female partners are involved in the discussions.

Getting the smell off hands, etc is best done with any lemon scented soap or a mild dose of lemon detergent. Wash your hands one a time, with the hand stretched open and then tightly closed in a fist. This will get rid of fishy stuff in the folds and creases of skin. Toothpaste can do a good job too. Liberal use of a nail-brush will get rid of smelly stuff under finger nails which can linger for a while.

For a really deep clean, rub hands with salt before or after using detergent.

Clothes are best attacked by giving the clothes a good soak in good old NappiSan, or any other cloth nappy/diaper soaker. A bleach (chlorine or oxygen) will do a good job too, but check the label first.

But the very best thing of all for removing fishy smells from body, boat, clothes and children is "Simple Green". It can take a bit of finding, here in NZ, but it does a great job. When washing clothes, just add a big glug or two to the wash.

Trout fishermen are well advised to take a small flask of Simple Green in their fly-fishing vest - it gets rid of the smell and residue of insect repellent and sunscreen - both of which you don't want on your flies or leaders.

Just One Other Thing:(And it Is Important) If you are preparing fish to eat and it has a strong unpleasant fishy-smell, it means the fish has not been cared for properly, and it is unfit for consumption - see this.

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