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How do I fix a broken fishing rod tip ring?

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A broken fishing rod tip-ring is pretty common. Jamming the rod tip into something solid usually does the trick quickly and efficiently.

As usual the most efficient method of fixing a tip ring is to take it to a tackle shop who should fix it while you wait, and at no charge, excluding the cost of a  new tip ring of course.

But if you must go it alone, here is how:

If the tip ring itself is broken gently heat the tip shaft with a cigarette lighter or match, and gently is absolutely critical, too much heat and you will soften the rod itself, and this is unrecoverable. Regularly test by pulling on the tip ring with a pair of pliers. Once the glue that holds on the tip is softened by the heat the rod tip should easily slide off.

Then using hot melt glue, melt some glue and rub it over the rod tip area, then slide on the new tip, making sure it lines up with the other guides and that is it - easy!

If the rod tip (the actual rod, not the tip ring) is broken, clean up the tip area to make sure there are no loose strands of fibreglass or graphite. Roughen up the rod tip where the new rod tip ring is to go with sandpaper, then glue on a new tip as covered above.

Actually most good tackle shops will do the job for you as you wait at no extra charge other than buying the rod tip - if they want to charge you start dealing with a good tackle shop.

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