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Fishing was Great Back Then?

The fishing, well the way they fished, was it so great way back then?

"The fishing is not like it used to be, laddy," he said, while looking at some of the photos on the board in my tackle shop. (Laddy?!- I was 45 at the time.)

a mornings catch!!

A morning's (?!) catch at Taupo, New Zealand - 24 trout with a total weight of 207 lbs.
circa 1910

"Back in those days we could fill a boat with fish, damn near sink it," he continued.

"What did you do with them all in those days before refrigeration" I asked.

"We smoked a lot, gave some away, and the rest went into the garden as fertiliser, best damn vegetables you ever saw. You can't catch fish like that now", he replied.

"I wonder if taking all those fish had anything to do with that?" I asked.

He did not take it as a question, gave me an icy stare, and stumped out of the shop, muttering about young bucks today!

Wonder what I will be saying to my son-in-law in thirty years time?

Article written by Tony Bishop (Bish)

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