5 More Fishing Quotes and Sayings 04 Nov 2018

5 more quotations, aphorisms, and sayings about fishing and things fishy rolled from the pens of some pretty smart chaps and chapesses.

Fish too much? Can’t be done.” Ernest Hemmingway

I’ve found the best way to help fish grow is to practise catch and release. Whenever I release A fish it always doubles in size by the time I get home and tell my friends.” NA

It is a magical moment when a trout perceives a floating mayfly on the surface, whether a natural or an imitation. All of its lifelong learning experiences with ambushing prey and watching its biological world unfold daily will all boil down to just a few seconds as it decides to accept or reject a fly. The selectivity phases in this book will better help you understand what is going through the trout’s mind in these breathtaking moments.” Matt Supinski

As the angler looks back, he thinks less of individual captures and days than of the scenes in which he fished” Lord Edward Grey

Small fish, in the hands of someone with small hands, are relatively large” NA

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