Five More Fishing Quotes and Sayings

It has been a while I know but to quote John Lennon “Life happens while you are making other plans.” But here, at last, are fishing quotes numbers 1266 – 1270.

“I have never tied a perfect pattern. Every fly has an antic disposition, an errant fiber, or faulty wrap.”  #1266

The greatest sight in fishing is the hole where the popping bug used to be.” #1267

It is the fisherman’s way, exploring, and I shall follow such slim promises until I follow no more trails at all.”  #1268

Truth can be a slippery notion for anglers who have traditionally been exempt from precise accuracy.”   #1269

Soon he was in the regular rhythm of it: cast-and-retrieve, step down, cast again. With each movement, he felt more of the week’s accumulated stress ease out of him, and his spirits rose accordingly.”  #1270

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Posted by Tony Bishop