New Fishing Quotations and Sayings

With the addition of 5 new fishing quotations today, the total has now reached 1255. That is an awful lot of wit and wisdom about fishing.

The first quote up today is a real favourite of mine, and in many ways sums up my basic philosophy about fishing.

“Most anglers spend their lives making rules for trout, and most trout spend their lives breaking them!” #1251

“People hunt and fish for a thousand different reasons, but I suspect for many of us with feet planted in both indoor and outdoor realms, it should not be a case of either/or, but both/and.” #1252

“A sense of humor is the most valuable thing an angler can own.” #1253

“Ninety percent of all fishing knowledge is local knowledge.” #1254

“More than half the time, a trout will refuse your fly not because the fly was wrong but because it was not behaving properly.” #1255

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Posted by Tony Bishop