More Fishing Quotations and Sayings

So, five more keen observations on the world of fishing and fishermen, enjoy. 

“I only make movies to finance my fishing.” #1261

“The tides control every sea-run cutthroat addict. Each beach is different—some fish best on the rising tide, while others fish best on the falling tide. Learning all this takes some time, but it’s not brain surgery—and this life of living with the tides carries the pulse and music of the planet.” #1262

“A great lie is like a great fish on dry land; it may fret and fling and make a frightful bother, but it cannot hurt you. You have only to keep still, and it will die of itself.” #1263

“Under the right conditions, you can watch a big trout take a fly under—a hundred feet away—and track its radiating waves until they lap against your canoe like a friendly cat” #1264

“Anger was washed away in the river along with any obligation.” #1265

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Great collection of quotes, thanks for sharing.