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Hapuku & Bass

Hapuku (Har-pook-a)
(commonly miss-spelled Hapuka)
Polyprion oxygenios

Colloquial names: Hapuka, Puka, Groper, grouper, Bass (misidentification)

Hapuku is distinguished from a bass in two ways. The lower jaw of the Hapuku juts prominently forward. The hapuku tends to be less deep in the body. Any fish over 60lb is usually a bass. Average size 80-100 cm, reaching 150cm Weight to 30kg (66lb)

bass (sea)

Bass Polyprion moeone

Colloquial names: sea bass, hapuku & puka (miss-identification), groper

Similar to the Hapuku, and the Atlantic and Mediterranean wreckfish
Average size:80-100cm, reaching 200cm. Weight to 100kg (220lb)

Common Miss-spellings: hapuka, harpuka, hahpuka

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